Play Your Way

Welcome to RP Genesis, where your story matters. Our interconnected universe of persistent stories and wipeless servers lend themselves to long standing storytelling, where everyones personal stories, triumphs and failures matter.



Our server is whitelisted. So if you wish to apply you need to connect your Steam and Discord with our system.


RPGenesis 2.0

With our framework written from scratch. With weekly updates with new content. You\'ll be able to RP out any scenario you wish for.


Spread the word

If you liked stay in our worlds. Spread the word to you friends. Let the community grow!

Our Worlds. Your Stories.

Whether you want to explore the sprawling city of Los Santos, get lost in the Wild West, survive the Zombie Apocalypse, or build massive monoliths in a voxel world, we provide the setting for your story to unfold. Our interconnected universes allow you, and your characters to grow and evolve in unlimited ways.

Support our development

If youre happy with the service we provide to our community, you could also support us on Patreon. More information you\'ll find in the link. Supporting us will get you an Supporter role on our Discord and as well some ingame benefits. We appreciate everybodys support!